Broadcasting on Chaturbate

You'll need a scan or high quality picture of your ID, and a picture of yourself holding that ID so that both your face and the ID are clearly visible (the text on it can be read). Once you have that you can sign up here. Verification is usually fast, although I never got a confirmation email-- I just checked an hour later and it was done.

Anyone who appears on cam with you needs to be verified, and verified specifically for your room. Even if they are verified on their own, if they appear on your cam, they'll need to verify again as a peformer in your room. This rule is strictly enforced.

Some unintuitive rules

Chaturbate does have some unintuitive rules that you should be aware of, even if they're not always enforced. The more noteworthy ones are:

The complete list of rules is here. Whether they get enforced is a different matter. I've seen several girls drinking on camera and visibly drunk, and haven't heard of anyone actually being reprimanded for that. The consensus seems to be if it's not a bottle with a visible label, you're good. Talking about other cam sites is enforced, although most models will simply say "My Fried Chicken" instead of "MyFreeCams". Broadcasting from a public place is enforced because obviously the people in the background aren't verified.

Thinking of trying it out? Don't be shy: in July, 159,295 people did. (Granted, 99% of them never log og again, but that's still a lot of people.)

If you don't have a webcam but want something a little higher quality than a laptop, you're in luck, because we have a guide to using a phone or tablet as a webcam. If you ever start broadcasting seriously you'll want a real webcam, but if you're just starting out or aren't sure it's something you want to invest in yet, a phone or tablet is pretty good quality. (It's the same quality as when you take videos with it, to be exact.)

Sign up as a broadcaster

PS: Remember that whatever you choose as a username is what people will call you in chat. You're absolutely free to name yourself filthycumslut92, as long as you don't mind people calling you filthycumslut92. A lot of popular Chaturbate cammers have ended up changing their names because of this-- however, Chaturbate won't even consider changing your username if you have less than 10,000 followers, and even then they warn that it's a one-time thing. (I imagine that it is a manual process for them and something they don't want to encourage.)