If you've visited Chaturbate in the past two years you've seen many camgirls with what looks like a little pink tail coming out of their Elizabeth Olsons. These are Lovenses. They are vibrators that react to tips by vibrating. They seem to react to tip sounds, but actually they use a browser extension that detects tips directly. They then signal the vibrator via Bluetooth.

They've become extremely popular, especially among camgirls for whom English is not a first language, who are able to use them to do pure sex shows with minimal audience communication. It's probably not an exaggeration to say that at any given time, the majority of camgirls on the front page will be using them. Backlash about their overuse was inevitable and is understandable, but their effectiveness in generating tips means that they (or some device like them) are probably here to stay.

It comes down to how you like to use the site. If they're not your thing it may seem like they're everywhere, but if you spend a few minutes browsing, you'll find many camgirls that either don't use them often or shun them completely.

The Lovense 2