What is Chaturbot?

He's a tiny robot that likes to watch naked people on webcams.

No, really.

It's an alert system for when your favorite cams come online, and a place to watch them ad-free if you want, and also hosts some other NSFW projects.

Chaturbate has email notifications, but only for all of your followed cams. I have like 20120 of those. I only really wanted notifications for a couple of my very favorite camgirls.

The other problem is that Chaturbate sends an email every time a cam comes online, so if the broadcaster is having connection problems and disconnecting/reconnecting a lot, it'll email you every single time. Combine these two things and the effect is nonstop emails.

There was no good way around either of those things, so I made one.


Other projects

We've also developed a number of other features over the years, some of which have become more popular than the Chaturbot itself. They include:


If you come across any bugs or just have a comment, please drop me a line!